Mi Terruño Winery sits in a unique location in Argentina covered in “glasiris.” Glarisis provides esthetic specs and high hygiene in the winery. The building itself it's a fine piece of art. San Roque is made of little pieces of glasiris. Mi Terruño's winery capacity is found in stainless steel tanks, pools with epoxy, and oak barrels. It also has advanced technology machines for unique care to the raw material in each elaboration stage of the wine process.


Bodega Mi Terruño has a unique characteristic in Argentina since it is covered with glasiris in a large part of its surface. This material, in addition to providing aesthetic harmony, allows maintaining high hygiene in the cellar.

Gabriel Baigorria

Commercial and Mkt Director

Maria Baigorria

Chief Wine Maker

Ignacio Baigorria

Commercial Department



This region has over 25.000 hectares, watered by Mendoza River, characteristics of the ground and weather which first winemakers loved. It is located in the foothills and extends from 1,060 meters to 650 meters of altitude. The average annual temperature is 15º C and the thermal amplitude is one of the characteristics that give personality to the varieties best suited to the region: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Bonarda, Syrah and Sangiovese (among other red wines).


It is made up of the departments of San Martin, Junín, Santa Rosa, La Paz and Rivadavia, and represents the largest wine region in the country. It has about 70,000 hectares dedicated to this activity. It is a plain area receiving waters of the Tunuyán River and part of the Mendoza River. Its winemaking in "el llano" is settled between 750 meters, in the highest areas, and 650 meters above sea level. This region has a warm weather and a regime superior to 2,200 hours of sun in the period of 210 days, favorable for the vegetative development, which allows the optimal maturation of the cultivated varieties.


The region is made up of the departments of Tunuyán, Tupungato and San Carlos, in the Center-West of Mendoza, between 33º5 'and 35º south latitude. The altitude of the vineyards of the Uco Valley settle down from 1500 meters in the Old Tupungato to 860 meters above sea level in the town of Tunuyán. Its climate is temperate with harsh winters and warm summers and cool nights. The average annual temperature is 14.2º C. It has about 13,000 hectares of vineyards, at the foot of the "Cordillera de los Andes". The region is characterized by its ability to produce quality raw material, both for the production of white and red wines. The good acidity achieved by the grapes allows the wines of the Uco Valley to be suitable for prolonged aging.


Our winery name, Mi Terruño, expresses the love for our land and the passion for the creation of Premium wines generation after generation.


Tours The path to the winery itself is a very pleasant experience. The surrounding landscape is typical of the rural areas of Mendoza; covered with vineyards, olives, almond, cherries and horticultural crops, whose shapes and colors are enhanced by the silhouette and changing shades of the imposing Andes Mountains.



Walking the way to the winery itself is a very pleasant experience. The surrounding landscape is typical of the Mendoza rural area, with vineyards, olive, almond, cherry and horticultural plantations, whose shapes and colors are enhanced by the silhouette and changing hues of the imposing Andes Mountains. Once you arrive in San Roque, we will be able to visit vineyards and visit the historic center of our town, full of history.

In the winery, our family will be in charge of telling you in a professional language, but at the same time poetic and passionate, all the details that make up the winemaking process and will finally try to seduce you at the time of tasting. We want to enjoy together with your presence, in a dynamic visit, full of concerns and comments, exchanging customs and cultures.

Wine bar in the winery: In our wine bar, you can buy our wines by the glass or by the bottle at winery prices and enjoy them pleasantly. Sale of wines and accessories: Buying at the winery you will get a special discount. Guided tastings (with reservation): Our proposal is to guide you in our wines so that you can appreciate their virtues. At the same time we will teach you tasting techniques that will be useful when tasting wines The different tasting options vary from 3 varietals (approximately 30 minutes) to the complete line of wines (approximately 1 hour).