Welcome to Vistaflores Estate, home of Argentina´s finest Malbec wines: Altamira, Altamira de los Andes and Viñedos Altamira Valley. Our vineyard sites in La Consulta and Vista Flores are considered the best terroir in the Valle de Uco – some 70 miles south of the city of Mendoza. The three regions account for less than 10% of all the wines produced in Mendoza. Our oldest Malbec vineyards were planted 45-60 years ago. These old vines yield intense wines of saturated deep purple with a production of less than 2.25 tons an acre. The extreme difference in day and night time (diurnal) temperature produce an incredible concentration of dark currant, plum and blueberry flavors that are not found in other sub regions of Mendoza. The vineyard sites are planted at 3,400 feet and look up at the Andes peaks above 22,000 feet.


The Uco Valley is an oasis west of Mendoza, irrigated by the Tunuyán River. A number of tributaries flow into the Tunuyán River, making the valley very fertile. The Uco Valley is 3,400 feet above sea level and is situated directly in front of the Andes mountain range, which climb as high as 22,800 feet. The Uco Valley offers pollution free pristine views of the mountains, and has soil that is perfect for growing grapes. Vistaflores Estate´s three vineyards are in the Uco Valley, where the microclimate allows the grapes to mature to a high intensity and complexity.


Enjoy drinking great wines!

We enjoy drinking great wines. And so, we are dedicated to making high quality Argentine wines. The components that go into making premium wines include the terrior, the nurturing and management of the vines, the selection of the best grapes, and spending the time, as well as the effort, to age the wine in the oak and in the bottle. Our vineyards are located in La Consulta, and Vista Flores, two of the best areas in the Uco Valley. Our vineyards are established, with some of our vines having over 60 yeas of age. We prune our vineyards for a very low yield. Consequently the remaining grapes are highly prized. However, the fundamental element in each component to making great wines, is the people. From the start, Vistaflores Estate has attracted a team of highly competent, self motivated people. A management philosophy of mutual respect and clear and consistent goals has kept the high quality of our wines year after year. We welcome you to taste our wines and enjoy the pride we take in presenting you the Uco Valley and our team's best!